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Be Covered

Whether you’re signing up for health insurance for the first time or need help understanding your benefits – Be Covered is here!

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7 Health Facts Men Need to Know

Though not as hefty as the list for women’s health, men require quite a few screenings to be done to ensure optimal health while aging. See the list below for screenings to be administered and how often. Screening: Get tested at least every 2 years if you have normal blood

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Staying Cool in the Summer

Summer is here and you and your family are sure to be spending a lot of time outdoors. The summer months can understandably be some of the most dangerous months if inadequate safety precautions are taken. Ensure that you and your family stay safe and enjoy your summer.

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American Health:
The Frightening Facts

Of Deaths In The US Are Caused By Preventable Illnesses
There is an epidemic in this country you shouldn’t ignore.
Learn how these staggering stats affect you.
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About Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi

During his tenure as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer at the Texas Medical Center, the campus has increased dramatically by almost any measurement – number of acres, patient count, number of employees and students, and the total investment in the physical plant and in the amount of money in research grants.

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