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About Wainerdi Wellness Institute

Our mission is to foster ecumenical and interfaith collaborations aimed at encouraging healthier individual and community life.

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The Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute focuses first and foremost on the health goals of the community. The Institute’s mission is to address health disparities and medical underservice by providing programs, resources, and doctors to help communities avoid and overcome preventable diseases.

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Wainerdi Wellness Institute - Mission and Vision

Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi

Wainerdi Wellness Institute - Mission and Vision

A legend in Houston, Texas, Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi has served as both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Texas Medical Center. His dedicated leadership while successfully managing a campus of 43 member institutions, including nine university or college systems, fostered a network of collaboration while still maintaining a constant drive for development and improvement.